Entonizacion Patriarcal

Proclamation and Enthronement of Patriarch Abroad Belarusian Orthodox Church Abroad Slava , Ecumenical Patriarchate Catholico Orthodoxo the Americas , Eurasia , Africa and Oceania .
We Synodical Bishops and Clergy of the Holy Orthodox Church Abroad Belarusian Slavic , inseparable part of the Church of Christ, Holy Apostolic Church Catholica Orthodoxa Slavic Byzantine Rite in the Americas and the world, gathered under the protection of the Holy Spirit , we proclaim our Third Ecumenical Patriarch Abroad this our Holy Church , always guided by the thought of Christ , and turned to the teachings of the Holy Fathers , we know that we will suffer as Christ suffered much persecution , but this is the true path of the followers of our Lord Jesus Christ , the only owner of the Christian Church in the world . Let us be steadfast as were the Apostles and all the Saints Martyrs and Missionaries of the early Church , and proclaim in the name of the Holy Spirit of God our Metropolitan Primate Athanasios Aloysios , our Third Patriarch Abroad , His Beatitude Athanasios I º Aloysios , be blessed by God father , Son and Holy Spirit in the conduct of this fraction of the Church of Christ in the world , the Holy Orthodox Church Abroad Belarusian Slavic , and that this date January 12, 2013 is written in the history of our Church and in the hearts of all the faithful Christians who walk with us , love .
Given past and blessed by God in this City of São Paulo Piratininga, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil,
His EMCIA. Mar Jacob, Arquieparca Coadjutor, Gran Chancellor and General Patriarchal Delegate Elected. – S. Paul
His EMCIA. Mar Nagui, Arquieparca the State of Rio de Janeiro.
His EMCIA. Mar Valeriano, Argentina General Arquieparca.
His E. Don Franc, Arquieparca St. Vincent, prov. B. A., Argentina.
His Excellency. Vladika Teophano, eparch Coadjutor of B. A. for Argentina.
His Excellency. Obispo Arnedo, Bishop in Misiones – Argentina.

His Excellency. Don Elias, eparch Auxiliary of St. Paul.
His Excellency. Don Serafin, eparch Toluca to Mexico.
S. Excellency. Don Henrick Marcianiak, Bishop of Torgonora, Poland
S. Excellency. Bishop Andrew, Bishop of Owerri, Nigeria.
Mitred Archpriest Fabiano, Vicar General and Chancellor – S. Paul.
Archpriest Arcadio Canuto, Vicar St Vincent, prov. B. A. , Argentina .
Archpriest Pavel , Vicar in Santa Cruz de la Sierra , Bolívia.
Archpriest Georgij , Rector in Rosario , Argentina .
Archimandrite Luke , Marsala , Italy .
Archimandrite Kyrilos , Assistant Vice Chancellor and Vicar – St. Paul .
Father Nikolay, Rector at St. Paul – Jarinu.
Padre Felipe, Episcopal Vicar of Matipo to Minas Gerais.
Father Jorge, Private Chapel in St. Andrew – St. Paul.
Protodeacon Alexis, Rector in Capela do Alto – S. Paulo .
Deacon Paulus Luiz , Mauá – S. Paul .
Deacon Andreas Nilton , Maua – S. Paul .
Deacon James, of Matipo – Minas Gerais

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